WED 7 APR – NEW KAZ MAGIC! Mind & Money Magic

Learn the traits of a true magician, respect, creativity, confidence and communication as you master new tricks in this fun magic program developed by internationally acclaimed magicians!

During this workshop kids will learn:

Money Magic including removing a gold bar from a vault and making coins appear, plus

Mind Magic including how to predict the future, the secret of superhero gloves and reading another person’s thoughts.

This workshop comes with a custom magic prop, top secret folder and a secret word to unlock bonus video’s in an online video vault.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: morning tea & lunch included

  • Please use the + icon to add extra children.

Morning tea & lunch included.

We don't offer refunds for cancellations but we will provide credit to use against future workshops.

Proceeds raised from Kaz Kids Workshops support Your Angel local community programs.